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Kenapa harus mengikuti Studienkolleg di Jerman? Dan bukan Studienkolleg di Indonesia?

Kenapa harus mengikuti Studienkolleg di Jerman? Dan bukan Studienkolleg di Indonesia?

Persiapan studi di studienkolleg di Jerman tentu akan jauh lebih baik dan fit daripada di studienkolleg Indonesia.

Kenapa harus mengikuti Aufnahmetest di Jerman..??

Kenapa harus mengikuti Aufnahmetest di Jerman..??

Ada banyak pertanyaan datang ke meja konsultasi Stufen Edu seputar studienkolleg dan kali ini salah satunya adalah terkait me

Lapor Diri adalah Wajib!

Lapor Diri adalah Wajib!

Setiap calon mahasiswa yang baru tiba di Jerman wajib melaporkan kedatangannya di Anmeldeamt sebagai lembaga pencatat si


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Other Favourite Programs

There are many reasons why Germany is chosen as study destinations. Firstly, Germany is developed country among European Countries. Secondly, Germany has a lot of interesting tourist attractions having high quality art and culture. In addition to them, Germany has an excellent education system. Moreover, Germany offers low tuition fee compared to other countries. This reason is a main reason for international students to come to Germany. To know more about German education system, visit program has a benefit to get first impression about education system in Germany. One of the entry requirements to enter a university in Germany is able to communicate using German language very well. That is why learning German language is very important. It is strongly recommended to start learning German language very early. By learning very early and consistent, it will give a strong foundation to master German language and the chance to continue education in Germany is very high.

Stufen Sprachinstitut as German Language Institution that has experiences to educate and facilitate Indonesia students to continue study in Germany invites students to feel German education system environment through our offered favorite programs. Through these programs, all students can feel directly about living and German education system and enhance their knowledge about one of the European countries.

“Summercourse and Experience a Great Adventure in Germany” is an annual program offered by Stufen Edu that lasts for approximately 14 days in Germany. This program gives a lot of experiences and enhances the participant view about Germany. The program is designed effectively and efficiently according to participant condition, which is mostly senior high school student. Participants will visit education center, for example universities and historical places with German architecture. Furthermore, all participants will formally join a German course in Hamburg. They will be taught by German native instructors in language school named UNS, which is a partner of Stufen Edu. The aim of this course is to introduce deeply about language, culture, and education system in Germany.

Summercourse program merges two activities: travelling and learning German language directly in Germany, This program is well-planned, so that all participants can learn and get good impression relating to many things about Germany involving tourist destinations, knowing characters of German people, education system, and culture.

Through Summercourse program, all participants get a great experience, cultural knowledge, and language directly from the country that are visited by them, so in the future they can decide the country destination for their study. Some purposes of this program are:

  1. Giving additional knowledge about culture and education system in Germany so can increase motivation of the participants to continue study in Germany.
  2. Increasing the curiosity about how to study in Germany.
  3. Giving actual information about study in Germany.
  4. Improving German language by getting experiences from German native speakers during their visit.

Getting a school experience in Germany

Stufen Edu coordinating with Eurovacances, invites Indonesian students to get experiences to live together with German family by following activities in one of the schools in Germany for 3, 6, or 12 months. This challenging experience gives an opportunity for students to get involve in living and tradition of German people directly in selected German family. Moreover, it will give a chance to develop language skills and character because they will be integrated with local school. We will support the students to help registration process with local school and other administrations, and also will guide integration process to local community such as school and family environment in Germany.

Participant Requirements:

  1. The ages are between 15 and 17 years old.
  2. The average of academic results is C in total during 3 years of junior high school.
  3. Having a maturity, flexibility, adaptation skills, and passion in learning other culture, especially in language.
  4. Having German skills, equivalent A2 (available pre-program intensive courses held by Stufen Sprachinstitut).

Enjoy an interesting vacation and learning German language

  1. Staying with other participants in the same house (Wohngemeinschaft).
  2. Learning German language with German native speakers in language school/Sprachschule
  3. Knowing modern transportation system in one of the European countries.
  4. Visiting "knowledge centers" and universities around Hamburg.
  5. Workshop Things to know in your first week in Germany.
  6. Guiding how to stay in Germany (Hausordnung).
  7. Social life in Germany, interact with native speakers, interact with Indonesian people in Hamburg involving Consulate-General RI, PPI, and religion communities.
  8. Optional (exclude price): Excursion to historical cities with full of expression (Bremen, Berlin, Hannover, Lübeck, Kiel, or other cities). Those are:
  • Visiting and seeing the beauty of Alsterlake
  • Shopping in Jungfernstieg and Mönckebergstrasse.
  • Visiting Prototyp Automuseum, Fischmarkt, Michel Hamburg, Hamburger Hafen, Altereltunnel & Airbus
  • Cultural and historical tour in Berlin (Brandenburger Tor, Alexanderplatz, Berlin Wall, Panoramapunkt, Potsdamer Platz, Berliner Rathaus, Zoologischer Garten).


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Di Stufen semuanya emang terbukti pelayanan sesuai dengan apa yg di tawarkan. Mulai dari awal belajar,pengurusan data2, berangkat ke Jerman, semua nya dibantu bgt, apalagi dgn betreuer kita yg the best, ga bakal nemu deh selain STUFEN, dan sampe nyari rumah setelah lulus STK pun masih di bantu. 

Yulia Nugrah Heni 12.04.2013

Stufen adalah lembaga pendidikan yg bekerja dengan profesional dan terpercaya. Semua pengurusan administrasi, pra keberangkatan, dan setelah ketibaan di jerman telah tersusun secara rapih dan sistematis. So habt ihr keine Sorge, alles in Ordnung! 


Andi Faidil Akbar 12.04.2013

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Testimoni Siswa di Kota Halle (Saale), Jerman

Video ini langsung dibuat sendiri berdasarkan inisiatif dan kreatifitas siswa-siswa angkatan tahun 2012 yang saat ini sudah selesai menjalankan rangkaian studienkolleg selama 2 (dua) semester di studienkolleg Uni Halle Wittenberg, Jerman.